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Mom’s Microgreens & Wellness

Victoria, Illinois

Mom's Microgreens & Wellness

As a nurse for many years I’ve seen firsthand the importance of healthy eating and the difference in ones health it really makes.

As a mom for many more years I’ve struggled with making sure my family eats enough fruits and veggies. It’s really hard to keep fresh produce in the house when it spoils quickly, we don’t want to go to the store every other day, and it also takes lots of time to clean and prep and incorporate fresh fruits and veggies into meals.

I had never heard of microgreens when my dad called me up one day and told me I have to look into them. He has had many health problems this last couple years and was looking for some healthy changes to take his health back into his hands and thankfully ran across microgreens in his search.

I looked microgreens up right away and couldn’t believe I had never heard of them! Learning that these little baby greens are carrying more nutrients than eating the grown up version of the plant was all I needed to read to know I wanted to try them.

My dad and I got everything we needed to grow a few differnet varieties and started right away. Just 10 days later we had grown many beautiful trays of our own baby veggies and after that first taste I was amazed. How could something so small be so packed with so much flavor and goodness?! How could that little green actually taste exactly like and in some cases better than its grown up veggie version?! I was hooked!

Over the next several months I learned how to sustainably grow my own microgreens right in my home. I started loading them on everything…wraps, sandwiches, smoothies, in soups, making salads, in stir frys, on tacos, in omelets, I could go on and on!

As I have shared with friends and family I’ve learned that very few people know about microgreens and now that I have grown more and more comfortable with growing them I am ready to share with everyone.

Everyone has to know about these beautiful, yummy, little powerhouses!

100% Sustainable

We are a family-owned vertical farm. We grow our microgreens soil-free, using organic seeds. Our greens contain the purest nutrients and most delicate flavors. Using nothing but water, light, and safe nutrient solutions, we are dedicated to sustainable farming.


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